We provide support for the development and implementation of business strategy: KPI • Business Development • Operational Procedures • Business Plan • Internationalization.


We provide expertise for organization and business processes audit: Operational Audit • Certification and Implementation of Quality Standards • Organizational Audit.


We identify and operationalize solutions for financing businesses or projects: • European Funds • Cost Control • Planning and Financial Projections.


We innovate in tools and processes, we provide solutions tailored to specific business needs: IT Solutions • R & D and Innovation Tools • Customized Business Solutions.

Ruxal Innovation was founded as an innovative start-up in management consulting, financed through European funds in the CO-OPERATE project, within which were outlined our company’s values:

  • Cooperation and Organization
  • Operability and Performance
  • Efficiency and Responsiveness
  • Adaptability and Time
  • Expertise

At the RDI sector level, we have undertaken several projects, such as the implementation of innovative start-ups, financing RDI infrastructure, organizing activities and internationalization.

For our customers in the food industry we have developed operational procedures, we financed investment projects using European funds, we have developed solutions and customized business tools.

The logistics sector has been a constant concern for our team, materialized in projects of cost management, logistics flow optimization, redesign, development of KPI and customized IT solutions.

We hold a relevant expertise in IT audit steps, in terms of developing IT start-ups, management performance, attracting European funds and in the implementation of software applications.

Considering that transport is one of the most dynamic sectors in Romania, we developed projects of fleet management, dispatching, IT modules for transportation design or optimization costs.

We developed projects of audit, strategy, IT or business financing and in other industries such as services of general interest, construction, finance and business consulting, engineering or employers’ organizations.


Our consulting services cover the entire project management cycle, from identification of projects, preparation of applications, project implementation and for post-implementation consulting. Our experience includes attracting European funds by winning projects totalling over 10 million euros, having as beneficiaries both large companies and SMEs. Among the most representative projects are included:
* 1 project of R & D infrastructure development, the total value of the grant being over 5 mil. Euro (2013-2015);
* 1 development project for productive activities, for large enterprises, amounting to approx. 500 thousand euro (2014-2015);
* 13 start-ups in the fields of health and social economy, financed by European funds in a budget of 2.35 mil. Euros (2014);
* 2 projects for innovative start-ups with European funds for research activities, the total value of projects being approx. 270 thousand euro (2012-2014).

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Our company was founded in late 2009 as an innovative start-up in the spheres of management consulting and of custom software solutions development.

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This sections includes articles, studies, researches achieved at the level of the business environment in Romania, which reinforces the expertise of our team of consultants.

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Following the development of our company, we are always open to receiving new applications from candidates with strong academic and professional backgrounds.

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